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175 Outland Rd, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL2 3PY

Tel: 01752 770048

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Therapies on offer A - L

ACUPUNCTURE: Uses very fine needles in specific points to stimulate the energy meridians of the body, pain free help for all health problems….more details

Practitioners: Ross Hargrave,  Helen Frances

BOWEN TECHNIQUE: A Bowen treatment addresses fascia tissue as well as the muscles and skeleton…. more details

Practitioner: Sarah Farrow-Jones,


Trained counsellors to help through life's crisis and problems….more details

Practitioners: Lorraine Anderson, Lee Ash, Gemma Burns, Magda Czeszejko, Pam Fricker, Marie Hull, Lara Lewis, Peter Luce,  David Oxley, Elishka Penfold, Clare Phillips, Michael Wilson, Nichola Woodward

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT): Emotional Freedom Technique is meridian based and works by tapping on a series of points on the body that correspond to Acupuncture Points in the Energy Meridian System by tapping into the energy system whilst thinking of an emotional problem….more details

Practitioner: Robert Parkins,  

HEALING: We offer many modes of healing including Spiritual, Sound, Crystal, Vortex Healing ® Divine Energy Healing,  Gaea Ka, Animal and Chakra Balancing .

Reiki and Shamanism are listed separately……  more details

Practitioners: Kathryn Colling, Brian Colling, Raquel Cruz, Jeanette Jones, Melodia, Maz Williams,

HOMEOPATHY: Physical and emotional conditions can respond well to homeopathy which aims to remove the causes of condition rather than masking symptoms. Uses counselling plus remedies to allay deep psychological trauma….more details

Practitioner: Helen Frances, Richard Pugsley

HYPNOTHERAPY: Hypnotherapy is a valuable therapy with which to release past trauma and decondition established habits….more details

Practitioners: Lee Ash, Lara Lewis, Peter Luce, Melodia,   

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: can relieve fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis by massaging the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Practitioners: Kathryn Colling, Jodie Hansen, Liliana Valentina Vanea

KINESIOLOGY: applies scientific based medical principles towards the analysis of

   problems, sensitivity to foods/chemicals, and imbalance in the body's meridians…. more details

Practitioner: Maz Williams

LIFE COACHING: helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life….more details

Practitioners: Debbie Clement-Large,

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