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175 Outland Rd, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL2 3PY

Tel: 01752 770048

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***Events, workshops, courses, groups***

Regular Events

Spiritual Healing every Monday 2 pm – this is a drop-in session, no appointment needed.

Enjoy receiving Spiritual healing from one of our trained healers followed by a friendly

chat over a cup of tea and biscuits! There is no charge for this healing but we do

request a donation of your choice to help the work of the charity please.

Thursday‘s 7pm.  WELLBEING EVENING

Enjoy a evening of Wellbeing with Chakra Healing, Meet your Spirit Guide, Open your 3rd Eye, Past life Regression,  Magnetic Healing, and more! Cost £4

Friday 29th March Sound Gong Bath

Let the healing vibrations of  Gongs and Singing Bowls bathe you in sound to release the cares of the world and bring you into a state of harmony, deep calm and peace.  

Rainbow Room 7.15 for 7.30pm £10

The Pythagorean Society

Open to all - no need to book

Admittance only £4 - includes tea and biscuits. First Friday of the month 7 pm – 9 pm.

For more information please contact Linda at ‘’ or visit ‘’ or find us on ‘FACEBOOK @pythagoreansociety’

5th April 2019 – The Mind Body Connection with Dr. Rory McGill

Dr McGill, Plymouth Holistic Doctor,works with the mind, body and spirit to bring about well-being.This talk will be about the history, science and practical applications of the mind body connection.Is  your  life  a  series  of  random  events  or  is  there  some  pattern?  Do  the same  things  seem  to  happen  over  and  over?The  mind  and  body  are intimately linked.Your mind affects your body and your body affects your mind.

3rd May 2019 – Dan Sidey

7th June 2019– Channelling with Pam Goodall

5th July 2019 – The Pythagorean Harmony of the Spheres with Michael IrwinTazzar

August – no meeting

6th September 2019 – Frank May’s Way with Adrian Frost     

4th October 2019 – Ayurvedic Healing System with Shaji Devadasan

1st Nov 2019 – Reincarnation with Pam Goodall

The Plymouth Astrology Group

Only £3 per meeting, 7.30 pm – 10 pm. Room 6

Contact Robert on

20/03/19 Brexit - what’s happened? General discussion.


VortexHealing® Divine Healing Energy group healing – Raquel will be running a 1 hour group session focused on balancing, clearing and energizing the chakra system. When enough people interested she will set a date and time that suits everyone. £7/£5 conc. Please contact Raquel on 07815 650204 or email