Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre

175 Outland Rd, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL2 3PY

Tel: 01752 770048

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As a result of the famous Dr Alec Forbes' influence on Gillian Fordham during the 1970s, a vision was born and nurtured. This dream was to create a place for all people to come and receive healing and guidance. Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre was founded in 1980 and is a registered charity. The therapists working here are committed to the Centre and give their time twice a year to run therapy taster days, this gives an opportunity for people to try a therapy for half an hour for a small donation of £8 to the Centre.

We have workshops, open days, talks, fund raising events, study groups as well as therapy taster days - here at Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre there is always something happening.


In 1980 Gillian Fordham opened Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre for the first time on Plymouth Barbican.  The Centre then moved to Lipson Road for a number of years. This was a very formative period when much of the groundwork was laid down and was where many people first heard of the work of the Centre before it moved to Unity House in Peverell. Since then the centre has become known to thousands of people throughout Devon, Cornwall and even further. As well as being responsible for the running of the centre, Gillian works as a healer and has many years’ experience iin the therapies available at the centre.

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Our philosophy is to offer a range of complementary therapies, including spiritual healing and counselling to treat the whole person and not just the dis-ease. The Holistic belief is that dis-ease is a manifestation of an imbalance of the whole body – mind, body and spirit – therefore we aim to treat people as individuals and holistically.

The body is an incredible piece of equipment that has an in-built natural ability to self-heal and one of our aims is to educate and encourage individuals to heal themselves with support and natural means. We also believe that prevention is better than cure – so why wait until you are in need of healing!

All the therapists and healers at Unity House are dedicated to the belief in natural health and empowering you to heal yourself.